The Veggie Baby

I found the greatest blog the other day. It's all about different recipes to feed your baby. If any of you mothers are at all like me you know how hard it is to keep your babies meals healthy and delicious at the same time. I especially have a hard time with this having a son that has dairy and wheat sensitivities. I feel like I feed him the same things every day, poor guy. I have yet to try out these recipes but I am very excited to add some flavor to my sons diet. Check it out here.

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Connie and Tony said...

holy cow thank you so much for this link! (although I haven't been able to go to it yet lol) Brody seriously will not eat anything but fruit and junk food. If I get him to eat something healthy he'll refuse it the next day. So this'll be wonderful. Now only if I had a working computer and the internet... then I'd be able to have the time to check out the recipes! Thanks again though.. at least I know where to go(: