Our Birthday Boy!

Just to warn you there are a ton of pictures! (What do you expect, our first child's first birthday:) I tried to make it a little less miserable by making collages. 

To start out,  a week before his birthday I took Nolan on a little photo shoot to get a cute pic for his birthday party invitations. It was a quicky but I definitely got some cute ones. It wasn't hard...look at this kid! 

I had a hard time choosing which picture to use. But in the end I decided to go with a balloon one.

The invite-

I made the party super cheap and simple. I packed sack lunches for everyone instead of having subs which cut back costs on paper goods. We had water bottles to drink which we had from our water storage. I handmade the cupcakes, toppers and goodie bag tags. I already had the paper lanterns and the napkins, which I bought from Target on super clearance a while ago. The tablecloth I got from a thrift store and was waiting for just the perfect time to use it (I love how the red checkered print goes along with our picnic theme). 

Our lovely guests...

I caught him getting into the presents.

Everyone enjoying their cupcakes.

The proud parents.

If you're wondering why the picture of Nolan and I was taken in front of a church building...well, as usual I forgot to hand the camera over and get a picture taken of me. We remembered later that day, after my cousins baptism. At least we got one.

My family wanted to be apart of the celebrations too, so on Monday night we had another little party with them. My aunt made a trifle...delicious. Nolan thought so too.
By the time Wednesday rolled around (his actual birthday) we were celebrated out. I did sing "Happy Birthday "to him but that was about it. 

I am so grateful for this little guy. He has opened a part of my heart that I never even knew existed. This past year has brought us so much joy, not that there weren't rough times (cuz there definitely were) but the highs far exceeded the lows. He has brought such a light and peace into our home. I love him so dearly and am so grateful he's a part of our family. 


Roccy said...

I can't believe he's ONE!

I LOVE the sack lunch idea! I think I'll use that on the next birthday party.

Julie said...

So, so, so cute! I really like the invite! What a lucky boy Nolan is to have such a cool mom! Happy birthday Nolan.

Connie and Tony said...

that was SUCH a cute party. I'm already planning Brody's... I'm really excited! haha.

...We have the same high chair! Infact, I got it on clearance at Target, I was STOKED!

Chandra Goodman said...

yay happy birthday nolan! i am so glad you planned that. it was so cute. i love the pic of tanner enhaling his cupcake haha.

Nancy Pitney said...

The birthday party looked like a lot of fun! You should start your own Tiffany Haynes Living magazine! You're so creative! I love the pictures you got of Nolan. I'm definitely going to have to hire you when Jack comes! :-)

Sky in My World said...

He is such a good lookin' boy!!! Congrats on making it to 1 year...and being a great mom who takes awesome pictures to remember everything!!!

the penrods said...

It really seems like you were just barely pregnant. Was it really a year ago?

What a simple, cute and creative party. Those balloon pictures are adorable.

this is what's up said...

hey tiffy,
whats up sista? the pictures of nolan are sooo cute! you are so creative, with nolan's party.

Rebecca said...

Your pictures are fabulous! You have an eye for it! Happy birthday Nolan!