Mission Bay

A few weekends ago we spent a couple of days in San Diego. Rob's sister and her husband rented a condo right off of Mission Bay and invited us to go with them. It was a perfect vacation! The bay side ended up being so kid friendly. It wasn't swarmed with people and there wasn't so much wind. The kids had a blast and played in the sand all day everyday. Because we were right off the bay I was able to put Jovi down for all of her naps and still come out and be apart of things out on the beach. It was so nice! 

We met up with some friends that were out there at the same time and they brought their surf boards and Rob was able to surf for the first time. I'm still so sad I didn't get any pictures. I was feeding Jovi behind an umbrella so I didn't even get to see him get up. Such a bummer! Besides going out for dinners we kept things pretty simple and just relaxed on the beach. It was so hard to come back home to this miserable heat. We are definitely beach bums! 


3 months

Our little girl is already three months old. 
Can you believe how chubby she's become? I swear I produce cream.
Nolan was the same way...chubby, chubby, chubby.
I adore it though. More chub for me to smooch on.
She is just the happiest little girl. 
Always smiling. Even when she's crabby she's oh so sweet.
She has recently found her hand and is absolutely enthralled by it.
She just stares at it.
She's starting to find her voice as well. 
All day long she blows little spit bubbles as she grumbles and coos. 
Recently she has stopped sleeping through the night.
I had a few weeks of bliss.
I know I shouldn't complain, she is only three months but it's killing me.
Especially, because I know she can do it!
Oh, well. 
With our without sleep we've never been happier,
thanks to our sweet, little Jovi girl.

(Do you see those eyelashes? To die for!)


Our wonderful weekend.

We went up to the cabin last weekend with a lot of Rob's family to celebrate the 4th. We had such a wonderful and relaxing time. Jovi did amazing! She slept through the night the whole time we were there and took all of her naps. Nolan had a blast playing in the dirt and spending time with cousins. We were expecting to go to the Heber fireworks but, sadly, they were canceled. On Monday night when we got home we did go to Rob's sisters'. She lives right by Schenpf farms so we were able to watch their fireworks. They weren't as good as Heber's (nothing is as good as Heber's) but we were just happy we got to watch some fireworks.

I wasn't able to spend as much time taking pictures up at the cabin as I would have liked. Even though Jovi did amazing, newborns are still quite time consuming. So here are some of the few pictures I did get.

(this last picture was taken by my nephew and I think it's my favorite)


Swim Lessons

Today was the last day of swim lessons with Auntie Heather. Nolan is going to be quite sad. He has quite the crush on Aunt Heather and talks about her non-stop through out the day.

He was the only boy in his class so those poor girls got teased quite a bit. He figured out the first day that they didn't like to be splashed so what do you think he spent the next two weeks doing? One day after class I was talking to him about it and told him it wasn't very nice to splash the girls and he said, so innocently, "but Mom, I like to splash the gowls (girls)." haha! He's such a flirt already.

We will definitely miss getting out of the house, especially to go swimming but I definitely won't miss having to get there by 8:30 am.


6 weeks

I took these today because this little lady is already six weeks old. 
So hard to believe!
This week has been a good one. 
I could tell we were getting close to the six week mark
because I've been starting to feel somewhat normal again and not so overwhelmed.
She's starting to breastfeed much faster so I don't feel so glued to the couch.
 Most nights she goes about five hours in between feedings.
One night this week she went seven hours which was wonderful (thank you Baby Wise)! 
She has been so happy and so smiley lately.
 She's also starting to coo and talk to us a bit, which we all "Oooo & Ahhh" over.
We couldn't adore her more!


Squeaky Clean

                 Nolan 3.5 yrs,  Jovi 4 wks.
Nolan's not the only one that can't get enough of this cute girl.

Thanks for all the sweet comments. It's nice to know I'm not the only one that has rough days.


"Just relax."

Nolans new favorite phrase to say to me.

Yesterday was the first day that I seriously started questioning my ability as a mother. It started off great! I felt rested, Jovi was down for a nap and Nolan was playing great by himself. I put on an exercise dvd and not more then ten minutes passed and Jovi woke up early from her nap. I bounced her back to sleep on our ball put her back to bed and 10 minutes later the same thing. I bounced her again almost got her back to sleep and Nolan starts pestering me for my phone. I say No because he's seriously addicted and Jovi starts crying. More bouncing, more pestering and more No's. This cycle continues all morning long except Nolan's determination has now moved onto watching a movie, again it's a big fat no, because TV time is for after naps and it's not even lunch time yet. More crying, more bouncing, more arguing and lots more frustration. By this time Nolan's getting defiant...with everything. Now I'm breastfeeding, he knows it so more pestering. Finally, Jovi's down for a nap and I cave and give Nolan my phone so I can finally take a shower and have some peace and quiet.

I wish I could say that I got things under control in the shower but honestly it didn't happen. Things got a bit better but it was still a rotten day. It wasn't until last night when everyone was in bed that I realized that all of this was my own fault. I woke up with a list I wanted to accomplish and when things didn't turn out like I wanted I got frustrated and took it out on my boy.

I know I am bound to have more days like yesterday and probably even worse but at the end of the day I learned something from it and I'm so grateful for a new day to do things differently.

Today there have been Yes's instead of No's, consequences instead of anger or arguing and fun instead of frustration.