"Just relax."

Nolans new favorite phrase to say to me.

Yesterday was the first day that I seriously started questioning my ability as a mother. It started off great! I felt rested, Jovi was down for a nap and Nolan was playing great by himself. I put on an exercise dvd and not more then ten minutes passed and Jovi woke up early from her nap. I bounced her back to sleep on our ball put her back to bed and 10 minutes later the same thing. I bounced her again almost got her back to sleep and Nolan starts pestering me for my phone. I say No because he's seriously addicted and Jovi starts crying. More bouncing, more pestering and more No's. This cycle continues all morning long except Nolan's determination has now moved onto watching a movie, again it's a big fat no, because TV time is for after naps and it's not even lunch time yet. More crying, more bouncing, more arguing and lots more frustration. By this time Nolan's getting defiant...with everything. Now I'm breastfeeding, he knows it so more pestering. Finally, Jovi's down for a nap and I cave and give Nolan my phone so I can finally take a shower and have some peace and quiet.

I wish I could say that I got things under control in the shower but honestly it didn't happen. Things got a bit better but it was still a rotten day. It wasn't until last night when everyone was in bed that I realized that all of this was my own fault. I woke up with a list I wanted to accomplish and when things didn't turn out like I wanted I got frustrated and took it out on my boy.

I know I am bound to have more days like yesterday and probably even worse but at the end of the day I learned something from it and I'm so grateful for a new day to do things differently.

Today there have been Yes's instead of No's, consequences instead of anger or arguing and fun instead of frustration.


Leticia said...

My mom gave me some really great advice when we added Trey to our family. She said, "If you get one thing for your house done each day, you're doing good." It took me a while to really figure this out. I wanted to be super woman, but alas, I am not. So, some days the dishes get done, some days the floors get cleaned and the rest of my moments are hopefully concentrated on being a mom. I still have "those days" though. That doesn't change. :)

Deb said...

Ah, life as a mom. Gotta love it.

June's favorite phrase to say to me these days, "It's not nice to yell at peoples mom."

salena said...

oh i am totally feeling you these days. yesterday was just a big fat day of frustration and discipline (with the addition of a crying hungry baby!) last night i just felt bad-of course when they're so sweet sleeping in their beds. its so true- that its all me. i just have to let the little things go (alot of them!:) so i can enjoy them more!
i think its just an adjustment feeling balance again after a new baby plus your other kids. but i'm thinking things will become a new normal and we'll handle it better! :)

Michelle said...

I feel for you! I have had a LOT of days like that the last 3 months! Luckily things are getting better. Hang in there!

juliannarichman@blogspot.com said...

Oh boy-Coleman's favorite thing to say to me is "don't even think about it"-he 2. I guess I say that alot.

The Rogers said...

You are a great Mom!!!! I feel like every day is this way. I guess Mom's just can't have to-do lists, they just get done whenever they get done! :) I hope everything with Jovi is getting better! I want to hold her!!!!
Also (this probably hasn't been for you) but- if you are working on the biggest loser like me, my first week with that was an emotional roller coaster and my poor boys felt it all week. This week is getting a little bit better! :)

mad white woman said...

I still struggle with this regularly. Thanks for the reminder of how I should act (but sometimes don't). :)

angela hardison said...

i'm sure you are a brilliant mother. everyone has bad days here and there, of course... hope the coming days are better!