Mission Bay

A few weekends ago we spent a couple of days in San Diego. Rob's sister and her husband rented a condo right off of Mission Bay and invited us to go with them. It was a perfect vacation! The bay side ended up being so kid friendly. It wasn't swarmed with people and there wasn't so much wind. The kids had a blast and played in the sand all day everyday. Because we were right off the bay I was able to put Jovi down for all of her naps and still come out and be apart of things out on the beach. It was so nice! 

We met up with some friends that were out there at the same time and they brought their surf boards and Rob was able to surf for the first time. I'm still so sad I didn't get any pictures. I was feeding Jovi behind an umbrella so I didn't even get to see him get up. Such a bummer! Besides going out for dinners we kept things pretty simple and just relaxed on the beach. It was so hard to come back home to this miserable heat. We are definitely beach bums! 


Leticia said...

Your family is seriously cute and I can't get over Jovi in her sunhat...or her rolls! :)

How is cloth diapering going? Are you liking it? I hope you are all well. Miss seeing you guys!

mad white woman said...

Nolan is thinning out... Jovi is nice and chunky. Love it. :)

PS Clara saw Nolan's picture and said, "He looks just like his dad." Ha.

Tiffany Haynes said...

Anna, haha! That's so funny! He sure does. Sometimes they'll be sitting right next to each other and their mannerisms and every thing are exactly the same. I love it!

Leticia, I love my cloth diapers! We bought some disposables for the trip and I was afraid I wouldn't want to go back to them when I got home but I was totally excited to. So happy I switched.

Nancy Pitney said...

Awesome pics as usual. You are invited to every one of our vacations so we can have professional pictures taken! :) So glad you could come and enjoy it with us. I'm also so glad Nolan and Jack get along so well (well, most of the time! :))

Carrie Carp said...

Surfing? That's awesome, how come you didn't too?!!! Next time :)

I feel like a stalker blogging and seeing you and facebooking and emailing. I bet you can't wait til we move back to Mesa, but until then, you're stuck with us, hahaha!

Tyler and Deborah said...

You have such a cute family! I love all the pictures and I can't believe how big Nolan is getting. Miss you.