6 weeks

I took these today because this little lady is already six weeks old. 
So hard to believe!
This week has been a good one. 
I could tell we were getting close to the six week mark
because I've been starting to feel somewhat normal again and not so overwhelmed.
She's starting to breastfeed much faster so I don't feel so glued to the couch.
 Most nights she goes about five hours in between feedings.
One night this week she went seven hours which was wonderful (thank you Baby Wise)! 
She has been so happy and so smiley lately.
 She's also starting to coo and talk to us a bit, which we all "Oooo & Ahhh" over.
We couldn't adore her more!


Chandra said...

oh these are beautiful! she is getting cuter and cuter. great job on the pics.

mad white woman said...

Look at that smile. Precious.

Nancy Pitney said...

OMG she is adorable. I'm so glad to hear you are getting back to normal! Yeah!

Jen Johnson said...

I love the first pic! Glad to hear that baby wise is helping and you are starting to get some sleep!

Mike and Alecia said...

Oh wow, she really is the cutest thing I've ever seen. She looks so different already. We need to get together soon! Maybe this week or next? Glad everything is going well. Gotta love that babywise!!!

Connie said...

these are great pics! I seriously wish I could play with her hair- love it!

Tessa said...

she's sooo freakin cute!!! i miss her soooo much!! i can't believe she's changed in the two weeks i've been gone! it's kind of sad! can't wait to see her!!

angela hardison said...

ok, her little smile...her eyes...her hair... i can't even handle it. cutest.

Bridget said...

sooooooo stinking cute