This is way overdue! I've been on the computer a lot lately with all the shoots I've been editing so blogging is the last thing I've wanted to do but the longer I wait to update the more things just pile up. So we'll start with Halloween.

We had our annual Haynes Family party and the slacker photographer that I am (I told you I've been burnt out) didn't take a single picture! I do have one picture of our costumes right before we went to our ward Trunk-or-Treat.

In case you can't tell what we were Nolan was Nacho Libre, I was Encarnacion and Rob was the chestery monk. The funniest thing to me about our costumes, besides Nolan's adorable belly, was the fact that Rob actually looked identical to the monk. Seriously!! You can't see if very well in the picture but his hair was all combed onto his forehead and he had the cheesiest mustache. It was hilarious!

After we went to our ward party we had a party of our own with a bunch of friends. Again, no pictures. I'm regretting not taking any now. There were some pretty sweet costumes. I love Halloween it is definitely my favorite holiday!


Nancy Pitney said...

So cute! I didn't know you and Rob dressed up. Way to keep the tradition alive! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be more motivated next year with a new little one to capture!

Chandra Goodman said...

hahah you guys had the best costume ever! tanner was so jealous!!!!! well i would be too if i showed up to a halloween party as a tree lol. im glad you guys threw the party this year again. we need to start working on our costumes for next year so tanner won't show up as a tree again! :)

angela hardison said...

happy belated halloween. i saw another little nacho libre (such a cool costume), but this is the first i've seen w/ the whole family ensemble. hilarious, i love it!

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

So clever. I hope my kids don't feel left out when they realize our family doesn't do fun, coordinating costumes for Halloween. :)

Brittany said...

You guys are so funny. I know, I told Brady today "we need to start taking PICTURES!" I'm sick of not having ANY pictures to display, it makes blogging so much more exciting.

Stephanie said...

Such great costumes! I had to show Brett and we had a good laugh. Nolan is adorable!

Thanks for your comment on our blog. It was good to meet you too. I have actually been reading your blog for a while as well. I love your photography and could only wish I could take such great pictures.