We tried to escape the heat.

We joined some of Rob's family up at the cabin this last weekend to enjoy some nice weather. It just so happened that it got up in the 90's while we were there. No central AC in the house made for a pretty warm weekend. The kids didn't let the heat get to them. They had a blast feeding the fish, playing Don't Eat Pete and enjoying all the treats Nana bought for them.

As everyone left for home Sunday, Rob and I decided to stay another day. I'm so glad that we did. It was just the kind of relaxing I needed. We woke up Monday morning to see that it had rained which cooled things off quite a bit, thank goodness! Nolan and I went on a very long walk. I tried to keep turning him around but he was determined to scout things out. After lunch we all enjoyed a long, cozy nap. It was so nice to spend time up there just the three of us.

California Update: For those of you that haven't heard, looks like us moving to Cali isn't going to work out after all. Big surprise, right? Let's just add it to the list of things that just haven't turned our for us lately. We're bummed but actually quite relieved. California's expensive!!! Our plan now is for Rob to finish his degree (always a good idea) and he's now working with Apple (his favorite company) which we are both extremely thrilled about. Don't get too excited about us staying here, though...we're hoping next year when he finishes his degree he'll get a job in another state so we can get out of this scorching wasteland.


angela hardison said...

it better be nice weather for my upcoming trip to hawley lake or i'll throw a fit.

apple? that's exciting.

"scorching wasteland": so true. ugh.

The Clarks said...

aw tiff! I am sorry that cali did not work out:(:( If it makes you feel better, we aren't settling here either:) Back to utah we go... ps we need to catch up..its been a while! Oh and that is awesome that rob still gets to work for apple! Is it still the biltmore location?

I AM JOE PESCI said...

scorching wasteland - absolutely perfect description!

Sorry things didn't work out!

Deb said...

Sounds like a great relaxing get away.

Bummer things didn't work out in with the cali job, but it looks like that's turning into a positive turn of events? Life never goes the way we plan does it? I guess it would be pretty boring if it did.

Good luck with the new plan. I hope things go good for you guys.

Brittany said...

Scorching wasteland? I think not! How can people not like Arizona??? Don't worry, I won't tell Brady what you said about Arizona, he might come after you. Some people can't HANDLE the heat. haha
There was a funny thing on the radio the other day (I think 101.5) about people saying "I live in Arizona" like it's a bad thing. It was funny, I totally thought of you. They're proud Arizonans though haha.

Connie said...

That's too bad things didn't work out!

You want to get out of AZ so bad but once you do-there will be a lot you'll miss. I know because practically everywhere I've lived I've always wanted to experience something else. I grew up in so. California for crying out loud and I couldn't get out fast enough. Now, I wish I would've cherished it more while I could. Besides, what do they say- it's not where you live but who you're with. Enjoy the free babysitting while you can, too :p

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

Isn't life funny? I think so. Come escape to cooler weather! Oh wait, we'll make it super hot.

Sorry about California. I just can't help but think, however, that Nolan's sweet face can compensate for those types of disapointments in life.

Julie said...

How cool to work for apple. My sister in law is in love with apple and says if they made a toilet seat she would even want that. Hee hee. I can't believe you want to move. I'll take the summers for the awesome fall/winter/springs.

Cathy said...

You mean I have to see your face for another 365 of the longest days of my life? Rob can't get his degree any faster in my opinion. Good riddance.

Also I think living in AZ gives you more of an appreciation about how beautiful other places are. I don't want to take that for granted. The east coast was AMAZING but I bet people there don't ever really notice it.