What to do when there's nothing else to do?

          Take pictures...of course!

With Rob being in Cali and the in-laws up at their cabin
Nolan and I had the house to ourselves. 
We quickly ran out of things to occupy us so I decided to brave
the heat and take some pictures of my boy.

Gosh, he's a stinker!!
I'm not used to him having such an opinion...about everything!
In the past he was always so good to let me take his pictures
but this time after every picture I would take he'd shake his finger at me and yell "NO!".
(I have no idea where he picked that up.)
As soon as he finished scolding me he'd come sit on my lap so he could see the 
picture of himself. 
Whatever you want my darling two year old.
Let's just say we didn't get too many that turned out.

I do love this one though.
It's a very classic Nolan face.

Another thing I'm not enjoying about this very two year old boy is
the climbing out of the crib.
It's ten o'clock and he is still not asleep.
Granted he had a 4 hour nap (which is very unusual for him)
but when it's the end of the day and my husband isn't here to back me up
I cave and he ends up sleeping with me
(which is good for me to get some extra sleep but also bad cuz there's another 
night gone with nothing accomplished).

So off I go to get this child to bed...hopefully.

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate having my husband gone?


onehm said...

My friends SWEAR BY the crib tent. :)
I have caved with Gigantor since day one and now he's 4 and still prefers to sleep in my bed...it's a slippery slope! ;)
BUMMER that your hubby is away. I am NOT a fan of not having help from DH at my house.
You can always call us...we are hanging around hoping a baby will show up soon.

Jayson, Kim, and Lotta Carlson said...

those dark eyes could kill! in a good way of course... and climbing out of the crib? oh no! that's rough.

so sorry you've had to be apart from rob so much. i can hardly do a weekend without jayson. i'm sure it must be very hard.

Deb said...

Man he is so dang cute.

June ignores me for the most part when I take her pictures. She'll indulge me by saying "cheese" but she does it while running away from me.

Why can't kids understand how important it is for a mom to have a million pictures of their little babies?

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

Silly kid. Clara already argues, justifies and reasons with me. Sometimes it's annoying, but sometimes nothing is funnier than a 3 year old's reasoning.

Brittany said...

I used to let Brynlee sleep with me in the mornings, which became entertaining yet annoying at the same time. She would pat my cheeks and wisper "bitney. wake up. bitney... bitney... bitney wake up!"... to which I pretended to stay asleep. I always caved in and started smiling and had to wake up. She knew me too well.