Goodbye, my loooove!

This picture definitely wasn't taken in 2002.  More in the range of 2005, not that it really matters. 
So sad that it's one of the only pictures I could find of just us.

Yesterday was a sad day.

I said good-bye to my best friend (which happens to be my sister).
She's off to Seattle to start anew. 

I've so enjoyed this last year we've had together.
Before we weren't very close. Now we are...and always will be.

I don't think it has quite hit me yet. 
I'm sure I'll feel the pain at my next thrifting trip. 
What will I do without my much needed second opinion?

What will Nolan do without his favorite aunt (not really Tessa;)?

Who will be my errand buddy...?

Or my sewing/project partner...?

Or the one I talk to about the stuff men get grossed out with..?

I'm starting to feel the pain.

Seattle's just too far...

And so is she. 


Chandra Goodman said...

aw thats so sad. is she keaving for good or just a couple years? my brother dallas is coming home from his mission today and the 2 years went by so fast. you know you can always call me. especially if your going thrifting!!! its my favorite :)

Just some Z's in a pod..... said...

Sisters are the best! I am sad for you to not live close to each other. That is the good thing with sisters, though, you won't loose contact! My fav quote for my sister is "I loved you too much to be your friend, so God let me be your sister"

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

My two older sisters both live in different states and I don't like it. But now you get to go visit Seattle regularly. Right? :)

Samantha said...

aww that's so great you two are so close. It stinks she is so far away now but at least Seattle is a great place to visit :)

I wish I had siblings :)