I owe it all to you.

Nolan and I celebrated Mother's Day without our Daddy this year. 
Rob was & still is finishing a job up North so he wasn't able to 
come home for the weekend. I was sad at first and then realized the whole
reason I was celebrating this holiday to begin with
was because of this boy. It changed my view completely and it
 ended up being a lovely, simple day. 

I owe so much to this little guy. 
He has pulled me through some rough times. 
He was the one that kept me going when all I wanted to do was crawl into bed and hide.
And he has brought more joy and fulfillment into my life then I ever knew was possible.
Not a day goes by that I don't thank my Father for this precious boy that is my son.

*Excuse this very delayed post. I'm not used to this single mom thing. I'm a little behind these  days.


Rob Haynes said...

You're the most amazing mother in the world. Happy Mother's Day. Sorry I missed it this year. I love you.

Tiffany Haynes said...

:) It's ok. I'm sure you'll make it up to me.

Deb said...

Well Ian wasn't out of town, but he was super duper sick and spent the whole day in bed sleeping while I took 3 kids to church bymyself and ended up not getting my annual breakfast in bed, Mothers day nap, and day off from changing diapers. I had to do the same thing as you and remind myself that I should be happy to do these things for my family.

That picture of you and Nolan is awesome. Love it.

The Clarks said...

cuuuute tiff!

Nancy Pitney said...

Very cute post. Keeps things in perspective, doesn't it? You both look awesome!

Anonymous said...

you are so pretty!! and your little boy is so big noW! wow time flys!!

Michelle said...

I hope you are doing ok. It is really hard to be a single parent, I have been doing it for the last 8 months. Hang in there!

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

Such beautiful words to describe such a beautiful calling.

Nolan is all of a sudden so grown up! (I think I've mentioned that before).

Brittany said...

Rachel, I mean... Tiffany, you're so pretty. :)

Tyler and Deborah said...

that's so sweet and a waaay belated happy mother's day to you!