Seeing beauty everywhere

What an inspiring weekend. I feel so lucky to be able to listen to our living prophet and his apostles. I felt so comforted as many of the speakers talked about the trials of people all over the world. It's nice to know that we are not alone in our struggles. Their words were so encouraging and uplifting. I don't think I've ever received so much from any other conference previous, it's probably because I was really needing their guidance. So many things really stood out to me, but one quote in particular has had my thoughts all week. I don't know who it was from (can't find my book of notes) but it was "Your future is as bright as your faith". That hit me so hard. I realized that no matter my circumstances I still have a responsibility to be diligent and faithful. Sometimes I feel that I have a right to feel frustrated and angry with where we're at in our lives, but that one sentence helped me see that it's not all about me. All of this is an experience and I can either learn and grow from it or I can stay stagnant in my anger. My whole perspective has changed. Isn't beautiful how only eight hours can be so life changing?


Julie said...

You're so cool.

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

You organize your thoughts so well.

It was Pres. Monson. When he said that, Jason said something about liking it and I think it's the first time he's ever commented on a talk during conference.

Chandra Goodman said...

i feel the same way. i got sooooo much out of conference this year. i love president monson!