I-pod touch...anyone?

We finally did it. We bit the bullet and bought a new computer. We've been wanting to for such a long time but, man, what an investment. It's been so nice to have a computer all day long. I am able to get so much more done. Boy, am I excited!!! So you'll all be hearing much more from me, now that I can blog whenever I'd like.

By the way, they gave us an I-pod touch with the computer and both Rob and I already have i-pods so if any of you are interested in buying one I think we're selling it for $250. It's brand new, in the package, never been opened. Just let me know if you're interested.


Deb said...

Yeah to having a computer all day long! I look forward to reading more blogs from you. Ian started school today which means the lap top will be gone all day, and I will be very sad. We have another computer, but it's getting pretty old and really slow. We were saving up for a new computer as well, but it looks like that savings is going to go to getting my wisdom teeth out instead. Oh well. That's life right?

Julie said...

Did you get a Mac????? I'm so jealous. I've been working Ryan for a Mac for over a year. If you like it have Rob drop Ryan a few hints about how great they are!

Connie said...

That is something I will be excited to get, too! I swear, my laptop has a mind of it's own... and probably a billion viruses. Eh. BTW, your header is way cute "The Haynes'" Did you make that? What program did you use?

Tiffany Haynes said...

Julie- Yeah we got a mac. Our labtop is a Mac and we won't ever go back. Are you ready to spend the money for one? Cuz everyone Rob has talked to has bought one. My parents (who are the cheapest people in the world), and four of Rob's siblings. Seriously, they are so worth it. We've never had a single problem with ours and we've had it for a couple of years now. I could go on and on.

Connie- Yeah my husband made the header. He used Adobe Photoshop. My husband is slowly teaching me how to use it.