I've been Tagged by Whitney

I've never done this before, so here it goes!

i am: quite opinionated
i know: I should live in the moment
i want: my husband to be happy in his profession. A happy husband = a happy wife.
i have: so many blessings I take for granted
i wish: I was a size 4 again
i hate: those stupid pinture bugs. I kill five every single day!!!!
i miss: playing Barbie's for hours
i fear: my husband will die too soon
i feel: great when my son sleeps through the night
i hear: the washing machine
i smell: baby lotion
i crave: cold cereal (weird, I know)
i search: for acceptance
i wonder: what my family will be like when they all get married
i regret: not making school a priority
i love: being creative
i care: that I'm not as kind as I know I should be
i always: jump to conclusions
i am not: a patient person
i believe: that either you control your attitude or it controls you
i dance: like an idiot
i sing: sometimes
i don’t always: know the right thing to say
i write: a to-do-list every day
i lose: poorly
i win: when playing cards with my family
i never: buy things full price
i listen: to the same playlist everyday
i am scared: of people in masks, including Mickey Mouse. I don't do well at theme parks
i need: my family, they are a huge support to me
i am happy about: this stage of life I'm in
i tag: anyone that reads this:)


Deb said...

Hey Tiffany, this is Deborah Crittenden from the ward. I hope you don't mind my looking at your blog. (I'm a little obsessed with blogging)I saw your link on Julie's blog. Anyways, I loved reading and learning a little bit more about you.

Come visit our blog.

The Rogers said...

I love your blog Tiffany! Its so cute! I love your pictures from Alaska, how neat that you got to go and you are a great photographer! Also I can't believe how big Nolan is getting, you can tell he wears his personality on his face! So cute! We need to see you guys soon!

Tiffany Haynes said...

Deb- I totally don't mind you looking at our blog. I'm definately gonna check yours out and add it to our list.

Kristin-that's funny that you said that about Nolan cuz he totally does. Yeah we need to get together soon. Are you going to Todd's farewell dinner tomorrow night? Hopefully we'll see ya there.

Tony & Connie said...

Hey Tiffany! Cute blog! I disagree though, I think you are SO kind. You've been wonderful to me(=

Tony & Connie said...

Haha! Well there is one thing I'm sticking to and it's that I want a one story house! Tony is coming around on that one... (:
Well, I found parts of my blog on pyzam.com. Took FOREVER though, I was being way picky. They have a lot of cute templates but I actually ended up splicing 3 different HTML codes together to get mine.. even then, I had to change the font. haha! Crazy me. Well I hope you find one you like!

Julie said...

So. . . I need to know what's on you much-repeated play list?

shawni said...

I'm just getting around to answering some blog comments and I wanted to say thanks for coming to the class and I'm glad you learned some things you could use...your pictures are great. Just so you know, I am doing a Lightroom/Photoshop class in September. I can't remember which day, but it'll be on the blissful living studio calendar. We're cutting the class off at five participants because I want to give some individual attention to people, so if you're interested, sign up quick!

Your baby is darling!

I'm jealous you got to go to Alaska!

Tiffany Haynes said...

Julie- I'm not sure of all the songs on the playlist but I think you can click on the little radio underneath my slideshow and the songs will come down.

Connie said...

My bday was yesterday actually 8-17. And my little brother Mike and I aren't even a year apart so for a few days we're the same age. That's why we say we're twins. Actual twins? Sadly no. (: Thanks for the compliment, you're sweet, and I'm excited to hang out too!