Worst Blogger Ever!!!

So I'm the worst blogger ever. I do kinda have an excuse, our computer is a laptop and for some reason my husband feels the need to take it to work with him everyday even though there are already five computers there that are all functional and working (he's an apple snob) so by the time he gets home it's either to hectic or I'm just not in the mood to blog (it takes my complete focus and attention) so here I am finally blogging about our last month.

For the Fourth of July weekend we were able to go up to my in-laws cabin in Christopher Creek and see the fireworks in Heber. They are the BEST!!! Sadly I forgot our camera but it was still amazing. Surprisingly, Nolan loved the fireworks. He's so sensitive to noises that we thought for sure he'd scream but I think all of the bright lights distracted him from the noise. It was a great retreat from the heat (that was a cool sentence :). We sat on the porch and watched the thunderstorms, played Sequence and just hung out, which is always a welcome change. Here are some pics of the weekend that we weren't only taken by me, but also my niece, Hannah. I taught her all about the shutter speed and F-stops and she caught on super quickly and ended up taking some really good pictures. I think we have a future photographer in our midst.

This was so cute. When her parents weren't looking she dumped
the whole bowl of food over her head. You can't see it very
well but there are beans all over her shirt.

I love the little crack. I had to take a picture.

This is one of the few pics I have of Rob and Nolan for the entire

The boys went cliff jumping and my nephew Zach
jumped off such a high cliff that when he landed
he ripped a whole in his shorts.

My nephew, Jacob. He is the greatest to photograph.
He takes the best pictures.

My niece Hannah.

The kids loved playing with baby Nolan. You can tell by the face
he's pulling that he's not too sure. (that's what happens when
you don't have any older brothers and sisters)

And now he's really not sure.

What a great weekend. It's always fun to be able to spend time with family.


Jodi said...

Hey! You gave in and started a blog - Hooray! Cute pictures. Your baby is so adorable! :0)

Jodi said...

Oh, and I saw "Deborah and Tyler Boehme" on your blog list. Is that the same Tyler Boehme who has a sister named Aubrey? Small world if it is... we were in the same ward for a while growing up and Aubrey was one of my good friends. :0)

Tiffany Haynes said...

I'm not sure if he has a sister Aubrey. I'm friends with Deborah. I'll ask him next time I see him though.

Nancy Pitney said...

You are NOT the worst blogger! It's super cute and I love the pictures! It helps me feel like I was there, which unfortunately, I wasn't able to be!

Brittany said...

Well look who's decided to show up on blogger? haha. Glad everything is going great, we gotta get together and play before school starts up again!

Jen Johnson said...

Cute pictures! I wish we had an awesome camera like you guys- it would make picture taking so much better!

Kristy said...

Look at you and all of the fun you're having! Then again you never were one to shy away from good time! What a cute boy you have, I can't believe you're a mom, it's great isn't it?!

Tiffany Haynes said...

Yeah it is! How have you been? It's been so long. I can't believe how big your kids are getting. We should get our families together again and do another BBQ.

Julie said...

Your Fourth of July sounds so fun! I've heard Heber is awesome! We'll have to try it some year. Plus, we love Sequence too! Maybe we need to take you guys on!

Tiffany Haynes said...

You're on!!! You really should go to Heber. You are right underneath the fireworks. We even had some debris from the fireworks fall next to us. Totally worth it.