Fathers Day!!!

I know I'm way late but I have to say a little something about my dear husband and new father, Rob. Here are a few things that I love about him-
  • He's never afraid to be silly
  • He can distort his face into 1000 different ways
  • He always wants to play 
  • He loves music
  • He has such a soft heart (he's been known to get choked up during commercials)
  • He's a total beach bum. Any vacation we go on has to have a beach.
  • He  knows the most useless information of anyone I've ever known. 
  • When he likes something he becomes obsessed with it. He is so passionate about everything he's involved in.
  • He loves to be outside. He could spend all day in the sun even when it's 112 degrees outside.
  • His favorite thing to do is to play with his son and make him laugh.
  • His family is his most prized possession.
My list could go on and on. I'm so proud of how Rob has totally stepped up as a father. I have such peace knowing that our son will learn from the example of his father. Rob, I love you. Thanks for all that you sacrifice for us.






Cole J. said...

Hey Rob.
Such a cute baby! Give me a ring when you get a sec. I would like to update you on my life and order something from your store!

Cole Machado

Jen Johnson said...

I'm so glad you have a blog! Way cute pictures. I can't believe how big Nolan is getting- you're right- they do grow up fast!

Mike and Alecia said...

Yah you did it!! K I'm so excited that you have a blog now. I love the pictures of Nolan he is so adorable! Well now we just need to hang out more since Parker and Nolan are destine to be best friends.

London's Run said...

I can vouch that Rob cries easily--both of us got choked up during a commercial about the Olympics. Can't remember which one. I love what you said about Rob. It's really true about him and I can tell you love him for it! :-)