Basketball & Airplanes

Last week was a fun one. Thanks to Rob's company seats we got to go to the Suns game. It was the perfect evening for me. We went to dinner at Cibo (the best pizza and crepe dessert I've ever had in my life!!) and since it took a bit longer then expected we didn't get to the game until half time. Perfect! Plus it was a much needed date with my hubby. Something we haven't done in months.

Then on Saturday Rob took Nolan and my brother to the air show at Williams gateway airport. They all had a blast! And of course, Nolan had to wear his aviators, despite them being a few sizes too big. Rob did an awesome job getting some great pics of the day, guess I'm not the only photographer in the family.

 Thanks to our trustee i-phones for these images.


mad white woman said...

Nolan is so serious about life, I love it.

The Sorensens. said...

what fun pictures!
and date night at the suns game, love it :) your hair always looks so cute!

Matthew said...
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juliannarichman@blogspot.com said...

Hey-we found a rental house in Cortina. Where are you guys in relation to that neighborhood? I hope you are prepared for a lot of fun cousin time girly! Two months from today we make our move!
I am the deleted comment above btw. I was logged in under Matthew-I figured you'd be creeped out by some dude named Matthew posting on your blog!