The Party

We are in our new home and mostly settled! It's a wonderful feeling to be on our own again, not that we aren't so eternally grateful for Rob's parents' generosity these last two years but there's nothing like being independent.

It was definitely an extremely crazy week! Packing all of our stuff (I'm still can't believe how much we crammed into just two rooms) and having a birthday party in the same week is tough enough but then add being 6 months pregnant to the mix. I was definitely running off of stress. It helped immensely that I seriously hardly put an ounce of time into Nolan's party (and also my amazing mother that came over when I was too brain dead to do anymore packing). It was really a challenge for me to let go of all the fun details, decorations and food I was originally going to do but I knew it would put me over the edge and let's be honest, he's 3 years old, like he cares.

When we first found out that we could move in to our new place Saturday (which was the same day as his party) I was going to just cancel it but Nolan would not stop talking about his "Party with all the kids". It almost broke my heart at the thought of telling him there wouldn't be a party, so we moved it to Friday morning. I'm not kidding when I say I kept things simple. We ordered pizza and played at the park. I did make cupcakes, however, and also gave out little goody-bags to all of his friends, but that was it.

They all had a great time. Sadly, I took very few pictures (as usual). This time I had an excuse. A party with 10 three year olds running around can be a bit hectic.

I forgot the candles. That's his favorite part, too. 

The only bite he ate. I guess he's more of a cake fan.

I love the huddle of kids surrounding the presents. It gets me everytime.

This is a good as it gets when we ask for a smile. Usually he won't even try to move his mouth.
We are making progress.

Some things we hope to accomplish now that he's three is getting rid of that blasted binky. Even though it is strictly for bedtime...it's time. I'm also hoping he'll come around to the potty. He's starting to want to go before baths, which is a huge step since he used to scream no at us. I would love for both of these to be done before the baby comes so I have a little over 13 weeks. 

We do so love our boy. He really is such a sweet little guy. He's matured so much and is such a good little helper. He understands so much and I love the fun conversations we have throughout the day. 

Nolan's never really had a nickname but I do often call him "My Sunshine". It's been our little song ever since he was born (as I'm sure it is for most parents). That song is so fitting. He truly is the light of our lives.


angela hardison said...

congrats on getting moved into the new home!

that last picture of you and nolan is so cute. and the cupcakes... yummm!

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

Moving while pregnant did me in. And I didn't even do much. Looks like you have things way more together than me. :)

Nancy Pitney said...

Way cute. The cupcakes looked so yummy! I bet Nolan had a great party and didn't even miss all the little details! You're a good mom to do all that!

Jayson, Kim, and Lotta Carlson said...

simple and sweet, just like a good party should be! it really looks like all the kids had a good time and that's important. especially nolan, happy birthday big boy!

have fun settling in to your new home and routine!

dEJOISS said...

Child is so cute! :)))) Make me wanna hug them! ^^ haha.


Tyler and Deborah said...

Yay! You're in your own house! That's so nice, congrats! And happy birthday to Nolan, he is so darn cute!!!!

Chandra said...

It was a cute little party. It's fun that we have parties for our kids now. We are so old lol.

As soon as your all settled in your house, let us know and we can come hang out there with you guys and see your new house :)