We had a lovely Christmas this year! We spent Christmas Eve with Rob's family and because I don't have a flash for my camera yet I wasn't able to take any pictures. Bummer! We had a delicious dinner, followed by the family reenacting the nativity, then the kids cereal box exchange and ended with the adults white elephant gifts. There were some awesome gifts this year (like usual)! One that we brought was a duck phone that was carved out of wood (yes, it quacks when someone calls). The gifts we ended up with was a picker-uper thing which is perfect for me because it's just now starting to get uncomfortable to bend over with this big belly in the way and the other gift was two sweet Nacho Libre masks (too bad we didn't have those at Halloween). 

Since my family now lives out in Queen Creek and we go over there to open up presents we decided to make the drive out there Christmas Eve and spend the night so we didn't have to get up an hour earlier then usual.  Rob and I were awake at 6:30 ready to open presents. At 7:45 Nolan was still sleeping so after much convincing from my family we woke him up. It took him a while of opening gifts to get into it. But once he realized what was going on he was in heaven. I'm sure it helped that my mom spoiled him rotten! I was actually quite embarrassed when I saw all of his gifts from us and my parents combined. Luckily, he'll be keeping all the stuff from my parents at their house. 

 Huggin' his Mimi.

 Because he's still obsessed.

 My mom made my sister and I quilts. I got an awesome Levi quilt. 
We spent the next day tying them both. Can't wait to use it at our next trip to the park.

 This year we upgraded from the wooden tracks to "Thomas Tracks". My mom 
got some at her house and ever since he won't even touch his wooden ones. 

 Later that afternoon we took a trip to the park to try out Nolan's soccer ball
 and baseball & bat. After a recent embarrassing experience at a cousins birthday party
 regarding a pinata & Nolan having no idea how to swing a bat, we quickly decided 
that was a must present this year. Rob was showing him how to hit with two hands 
and Nolan just wanted to hit with one hand, so after a couple of minutes of that he called
 it quits and just went and sat down by my sister. It was hilarious! Too bad he takes 
after my complete lack of athletic ability.

 My 22 week pregnant self, which I didn't know my sister was taking. Probably a
 good thing though cuz I'm not one for self-portraits. I'm hoping my new gorillapod 
will help with that.

I love my boy!

 Christmas is so much more fun as an adult! I get so excited thinking of all the
fun Christmas's to come and fun traditions to start as a family. We had a  wonderful


angela hardison said...

glad you had a great christmas. i think christmas with kids looks so much more magical - i'm excited for that. i got a quilt too, made by my sister!

happy almost new year :)

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

Sounds like a fun day. Your little belly is so cute... looks a little like my belly, except I'm not pregnant anymore. Ha ha. :) Hope you're feeling well.

juliannarichman@blogspot.com said...

Cute-I loved his Christmas jammies. And loved seeing pics of Taryn hope you guys are having fun-I sure miss you Tebbs girls!

juliannarichman@blogspot.com said...

ps flip flops at christmas-can't flippin wait!

Deb said...

Those were some great Christmas photos.

It is really hard not to spoil kids at Christmas. I try to refrain every year from too many presents and I always go over board. It's the best watching kids open presents.

jen + scott said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas! Don't you love Grandparents for all the spoiling they get to do for Christmas??

Chandra Goodman said...

ok seriously you are such a cute prego. you look cute in that candid photo. nolan is getting so big. he's a sweetie.

Connie said...

Nolan's a cutie! Brody had those same jammies (: