Train Invites

Here are the invites for Nolan's birthday party. I didn't have any envelopes so I thought I would just make a postcard.

The train image is from a vintage Happy Birthday banner that I found garage saleing, we just scanned it. I brightened and changed a few of the colors and added the words and the cloud of smoke. I was going for a vintage train theme.

I found the postcard template rummaging through a bunch of my old magazine rip outs. You can download it here from Martha Stewart. I will be using this a lot in the near future.

I printed it off on off white paper to give it more of an aged feel. I used my home printer so I had to print each side individually and cut them out and then glue them together because they just weren't matching up when I'd print them back to back.

I wish I had made an extra to keep and show how cute they turned out. I loved them. I was wanting to keep with the vintage train theme for the party but a huge majority of the decorations I had planned just didn't get done. Feel free to download the images and use them for yourself. There isn'a a huge selection for train invites out there unless you like Thomas the Train, which Nolan adores but me, not so much.


I AM JOE PESCI said...

TOTALLY adorable. You'll have to make one more to keep for his scrapbook! You have such talent.

Brittany said...

In a few years I'll hire you to do my kids birthdays, those are so cute!