Love you inside out.

My hubby and I had a little photo shoot for one of my birthday presents because since our son was born I can count on one hand all of the photo's we have of only us. Pathetic. So here we are.

That's right, our photo shoot consisted of us in the backyard with Rob holding out the camera Jr. High style. I'm still in love with them nonetheless.

Bet ya didn't know that this man has a glass of chawky moke (chocolate milk) before bed, every single night.

Or that he tears up in commercials. It's true, he cries more then I do. I adore it.

He also despises odd numbers.
Example: When turning down the volume to the television it has to end on an even number.

The list can go on and on but it will always end with his insane devotion to me.

Now I can count all of the photo's of us on two hands.


Connie said...

I love the photos. You two are adorable!
ps. your blog is one of my favorites to read... shhh... don't tell the others. (;

Deb said...

That even number thing is hilarious.

And chocolate milk is the BEST. I have a cup of hot chocolate every day. Although I'll have mine either morning or night.

Nancy Pitney said...

Simple and sweet. Love it! I was just telling Rusty last night that I have no pictures of myself because I'm always behind the camera. When I'm not behind the camera, I'm in my pajamas or something like that--they're never attractive! These are so cute! I think they turned out great! I'd never be able to take them myself and have them turn out like that!

Jayson, Kim, and Lotta said...

two things:

1. you two are a beautiful couple.
2. i'm not a natural. in fact i have many many question if you wouldn't mind my questioning you. for instance, how do you get your pictures to be the right size for your page instead of settling for a little itty bitty one verses having it cut off on the side?? your photos are amazing and i adore them.

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

You two are darling.

angela hardison said...

really sweet.

Alena Jo said...

You two are so cute! I feel the same way about photos of me and Grant! We only have a few here and there over the years... since kids....

Hey, I also really like your hair cut! Beautiful!

The Sorensens. said...

that is such a cute idea! they turned out so good!! seriously, so hard to get justin to take pictures w/ me..always a struggle! but my bday is in november - and you just gave me a great idea! thanks!! :)

Jen Johnson said...

That is so cute. I could have guessed about the chocolate milk. It used to be chicken crisp sandwiches from Burger king. Every night about 10:30pm. You'll have to ask him about it.
I know about the no picture thing. The only pictures Ryan and I are in together are the ones we take for Christmas cards!

Ty & Deb said...

i'm lovin' the photoshoot outcome... you two are so adorable!