Brighter than sunshine.

Today we woke up to some of Nolan's favorite cousins here to play for the morning. To make the day even more special, it started raining. So we made some hot chocolate and spent the morning out in the rain.

The puddles were sad to see our cousins leave and so were we.

If you want to see more pictures of this beautiful day, go HERE.


Julie said...

Oh, that makes me want to stomp in the puddles right now!

Deb said...

Wow, you are a bloggin' fool lately. You're postin' things all over the place.

I LOVE those pictures. If only I had your talent.

Tessa said...

good job!! these are very cute! i love the picture of nolan in the rain giving his cute smirk with rain falling down his face. he's our cute little model!

azdcoach said...

These are so great! I didn't know you took these, i've got to get some copies. You are so talented! Love ya- Lorette