Family Reunion

This last week we spent in Wolf Creek, Utah for a family reunion on my mom's side (she's one of ten siblings, let's just say there was alot of people).

It was absolutely gorgeous. The weather was perfect and I never got tired of looking at those beautiful mountains. We had lots of fun swimming, staying up late playing cards and having dinner all together.
Thanks to my mom who planned lots of activities for us, we had fun playing baseball and water balloon volleyball.

The kids enjoyed doing crafts.

Nolan had a posse of cousins following him everywhere. I didn't mind one bit.

And of course there was lots of food.

But I think everyone would agree that the Family Olympics was the highlight of the trip.

Every family had a team name and decorated a flag. For the opening ceremonies each family took their turn parading through the crowd as we all cheered. Every team was supposed to have some kind of costume but as usual my family was the only ones that got into it.

We were going for "70's/rediculous looking" athletes in which I think we succeeded. My sister and I spent the whole week before thrifting for awesome sports wear. We came across some old Toro uniforms (I've never had so much school spirit). The gray unitard my brother is wearing takes the cake though.

The races started out with the Dad's having to carry every child of their's across the finish line. The dad that had all of their children across first won. This became quite entertaining as the Dad's tried carrying more then one of their adult children across.

The next race each person had to crawl under your teams legs and make a bridge until you crossed the finish line.

Another fun one was every one took off their shoes and put them in a big pile. They lined up and when the whistle blew they had to find and put on their shoes, find the rest of their family and run together across the finish line.

Nolan wasn't too crazy about all the competition.

What kind of a family reunion would this be without a Fro.

So many cousins.

There was alot of other fun races inlcuding water balloons that caused an awesome fight (the camera was put up for that one). In the end, our family tied for first place.


Julie said...

Those pictures are great! I love the uniforms. . . what ever will you do with the now?!? My extended family has reunions like that, with olympics and all. We get a little TOO competitive with them. Looks fun!

Him, Her & The Wee One said...

Seriously, I can't stop laughing at those pictures. Not sure if it's the dads trying to carry multiple people at once or the awesome outfits, but it sure is hilarious.

Connie said...

My family has never had a reunion! How fun! You took beautiful pictures as always (:

Connie said...

Ohhh- and I wanted to say your new header is stinkin cute!

Deb said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the costumes! You guys looked awesome. What a fun reunion and super creative games. We had a reunion with olympics, but it was boring stuff like potato sack and three legged races. You guys are so much cooler. I'll have to mention your games at the next reunion.

Brittany said...

The costumes? Amazing. I'm so glad I didn't have to wear those when I was at Mountain View, haha.

Jen Johnson said...

I love the toro uniforms. Save those for halloween!