A big thanks to all the families that volunteered for me to take their pics. We've schedule some photo shoots and I'm getting so excited/nervous to see how it goes.  For those of you that missed out on the two freebies and are wondering my rates I charge $50 for a sitting fee (which is however long it takes to get some awesome pics) and that includes a CD of a bunch of edited pictures for you to develop on your own.

I'm also in the process of designing some Christmas Greetings (flat panel picture cards) and birth announcements. I hope to have those up within the next week. 

I'm so behind but still to come are pictures from our Halloween party. 


Deb said...

Thanks for the pictures the other day. As we were getting into our cars to leave Smith said, " I like that FOGAFER, she's really nice." I said, "Do you mean PHOTOGRAPHER?" I was suprised he even knew that word. Too funny.

We took the kids to the park after, as promised, and on the way home both of them crashed in the car, and went to sleep for the night. Sorry if we were all a little crabby. 5:00 is usually our melting point for the day. Especially that day, we were all spent.

Carrie Carp said...

As soon as we get a little cusion in the bank, I'll be bugging you to take some family pics! I've got two more job interviews this week, so hopefully a perfect job that allows me to focus on mommy-hood, but bring in some cash for family pictures and groceries...

In the meantime, we need to hang out. It's been too long!

The Clarks said...

Tiff!! I had no idea that you had a blog. Your little Nolan is seriously adorable. That is awesome that you are doing photography! Man I feel like I haven't seen you in years... it has been at least 2 I think... Anyway, I am glad that I found you so that we can stay in touch. Where do you guys live? Mesa??

Connie and Tony said...

LOVE the pictures. I never got to see them before because the internet connection here took to long to load them. ha ha
Not sure when, but we'll definately want you to take our pictures sometime! BTW, Brittany's turned out way cute too!

Ruth said...

Your pictures are awesome! It makes me sad (and mad at myself) that I didn't schedule our family with you.

It gets to hectic this time of year, I figure I'll have to miss out.

Just some Z's in a pod..... said...

Hey Tiffany! I love your pictures! I was talking to my mom about you because she was going to set up a shoot with someone in her stake to take pictures of my sister, me and her. I would much rather support someone I knew than just let some random person get the money! Can you email me or her your rates? I am not sure what time frame she was thinking but we will check your schedule when we decide.
Katie Zandt:
Brookie Dickerson: 480-962-5575brookiebd@msn.com