The last few months....

The Haynes Family now has a blog. I've been putting it off long enough. Rob and I are not going anywhere for Sunday dinner so we've got some time to finally set one up (yes, I'm computer challenged and need my husbands help for just about everything besides sending an e-mail and sometimes even that). 
I guess I'll just do a little re-cap of the last couple of months. Rob and I became parents on January 28, 2008 to the cutest little boy we've ever seen,  Nolan Bentley. Being a parent has totally changed my perspective towards my parents and towards my Heavenly Father. It has helped Rob and I appreciate each other in a whole new way. Even though being a mom has been quite an adjustment there's nothing I'd rather do then spend all day with my boy.

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Julie said...

Welcome to the blogging world! Get ready to spend way too much time on it, be obessed with checking your comments, and taking pictures of every moment so you "can put it on the blog." I can't wait to read your posts!